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The Lion King Game Download: Enjoy the Fun and Educational Activities Based on the Disney Film

The game features graphics drawn by Disney animators themselves and songs adapted from the actual movie soundtrack. This game is truly a classic challenge and requires a good amount of skill. Though many critics complained about the difficulty, the game sold 1.27 million copies and that was just in the United States. It also won multiple awards such as Best Genesis Game, Best Genesis Action Game, and Best Dexterity Game. If you want to relive some childhood magic and think your skills are up to the challenge, give it a whirl.

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Who does not know the story of a small lion named Simba? In the beautiful African desert, Lion King Mufasa rules with a fair hand. And Mufasa, as a proper king has a son - Simba. Unfortunately it also has a brother, Scar, an evil one. In every royal family, there can be found someone, who is a bad guy and this is Scar's role it this story. Between him and the throne is in fact a little Simba, but he wants the throne badly. One day Scar guides Simba to visit the forbidden elephant graveyard, which is dominated by hyenas, and together with a friend Nalo Simba get into troubles and Scar is beginning to celebrate his victory to become next king. Although it did not work this time, it will work eventually and Simba will get into deeper troubles. And other times it was close... As you surely understand, in this game you play as a small Simba, who must go through 10 levels, overcome a number of obstacles and beat his uncle to became one true Lion King. It is one of the best DOS games we've played in our childhood.

Who doesn't know the story of a little lion cub named Simba?Beautiful Africa is ruled by the just lion king Mufasa. And Mufasa, as the right king, has a son - the heir to the throne - Simba. Unfortunately, he also has a brother, Scara. There is a negative in every royal family and here it is Scar. Between him and the throne is a little Simba. One day, the traitorous Scar leads Simba to visit the elephant cemetery. However, the elephant cemetery is dominated by hyenas. Together with his friend Nala, they get into difficult problems and Scar already has my hands on me. Fortunately, King Mustafa struck (at the last minute, of course). It didn't work out this time, it will work out another time. And other times it was approaching ...

Simba fled and Scar became king. While Simba wanders and regrets herself, the kingdom is decimated by scar-dominated hyenas. However, Simba does not know this, so far he has made new friends, namely Timon and Pumbuu, and in the spirit of their carefree philosophy Hakuna Matata is slowly growing up. Until one evening, Simba sees her father in the starry sky. They realize what happened then and now the only right solution is different. The lion's blood, let alone the king's, awoke and Simba set out. He set out to settle. He set out to take revenge ....

And now for your own game. Your task is to go through ten levels and in the last one to deal with your uncle. In those ten lions, you will have to react promptly and sometimes even think. And, of course, remember something, but more on that ... The game accompanies you through the whole story, from a little lion to a stout lion. Like a little lion, you ride, for example, on the water (Hakuna Matata level - my favorite), you ride an ostrich (here you remember. intelligently he bumps his head against a branch ...). And like a lion with a fresh mane, you fight hyenas, cheetahs and finally Scar. Of course, even little Simba can fight, quite cute is how he can shout But back to the fight. Of course, you don't have any weapons comparable to doom, for example, but even such a lion's paw is quite a striking weapon. It's good to learn certain combos, different combinations of jumps, crouches and punches, because ... well, who would want to die, right?

We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available.Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentation when possible. If you have additional files to contribute or have the game in another language, please contact us!

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Click the download button below to start Disney Classic Games: Aladdin And The Lion King Free Download with direct link. It is the full version of the game. Don't forget to run the game as administrator.

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Disney Game Downloads was an online computer game download service operated by Disney Online from 2005 to 2008. It featured downloadable casual computer games starring Disney characters, all but one of which have now been found.

Additionally, there was an extension of the Disney Game Downloads service called Disney's Game Café. Disney's Game Café offered casual game titles in a similar fashion to GameHouse, RealArcade, and Big Fish Games. It featured games such as Diner Dash, Polar Bowler, Feeding Frenzy 2, Granny in Paradise and Bejeweled 2[3]. Both DGD and DGC had a newsletter [4]. Disney Game Downloads also had a UK website[5] via Trymedia[6], which offered two bonus downloadable games, Disney's ToyTopia and Disney's Mini Golf. These games were also distributed to European and Australian markets through Macrovision's games network.[7][8]

The Super NES version of The Lion King had 1.27 million copies sold in the United States.[19] More than 200,000 copies of the MS-DOS version were sold.[20] In the United Kingdom, it was the top-selling Sega Master System game in November 1994.[21] In the United States, it was the top-selling Game Gear game in December 1994.[22] In 2002, Westwood's Louis Castle remarked that roughly 4.5 million copies of The Lion King were sold in total.[23]

Entertainment Weekly gave the Super NES version an A and the Genesis version a B+ and wrote that "controlling Simba when he's a playful bundle of fur is one thing; putting him through his paces as a full-maned adult is quite another. When the grown-up Simba gives a blood-curdling roar and mauls snarling hyenas, the interaction is so well observed that it's like watching a PBS nature documentary. The sense of power it gives you is exhilarating, and by the time Simba takes his climactic heavyweight stand against his evil uncle Scar, this Lion King has turned into a wild-kingdom variant of Street Fighter II".[16] Super Play gave the Super NES version an overall score of 82/100, praising its graphics and sound as "almost film-like quality" and stating "a very high-quality platformer game with little in the way of innovation".[27]

This lets you relive all your favorite scenes from Disney's highly acclaimed animated film. Designed for children between the ages of three and eight, the storybook features 18-pages of interactive story-telling artwork, text and voice acting; text is highlighted as the narrator pronounces each word. Scenes are interactive in that you click on various icons and characters located on the screen. In addition to the storybook, there are a few skill-building games included. In the Pouncing Game, you help Simba improve his pouncing skills by having the young lion follow a butterfly. You point and click on the butterfly as it moves through the screen and Simba follows along. Watch out for Zazu - you can either hide from this critter or pounce on it if you're close enough. Connect the Stars centers on joining sequences of stars while creating various pictures. Once you finish outlining a constellation, it fades away; time to design a new one! You'll design characters from The Lion King and other animals from Africa as well. Finally, Bug Catching lets you squash and collect various bugs for the ever-hungry Timon. After catching a bug, he'll add it to the dinner plate - after catching eight bugs, you receive a special award. There are three speed levels with bugs moving slowly on the first setting and progressively faster on the next two. It also features sidebars with character-based icons. There's an Action Dictionary for younger readers that defines complicated words using character animation. Will Simba reign over the Pride Lands? More importantly, will he ever defeat his arch-nemesis Scar? Turn the page of your storybook and find out!

Available to purchase and download this very minute, the Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King bundle on Xbox One, PS4 and Switch brings two much loved games into the modern era, with a whole host of new features, enhancements, improvements, game modes and more, including a variety of different versions of each game.

After searching around at for a few more CD images, I got two of them, but they had the same image. I quickly realised that one of them had the executable corrupted and so every copy on the internet is having the same issue. As a result I downloaded the Demo of the game which was included in the Lion King 2 Active Play Disk, it had an executable SPAGDemo.exe and it surprisingly works and has the icon. The Demo even starts without any problem, and some registry problems after launching the Demo can be fixed by setting the compatibility to Windows 95.

Westwood Studios and Disney Software have joined forces in this co-production to develop a game that combines the emotional excitement of Disney's newest full-length, animated feature film with unique, original game challenges to offer a whole new video game experience.Westwood Studios developed the game which packs 24 megabits of action, animation and music into an adventure that explores the plains of Africa through two distinct phases of Simba's journey to adulthood. The first phase encompasses the life of young Simba, the cub, and his fascination with the world around him; the second phase is about Simba the lion prince on his journey back to reclaim his rightful place as king of The Pridelands.Throughout the 10 levels of the game, the player will learn new climbing, jumping and fighting techniques. Ultimately each level is a training ground for Simba's final confrontation with his evil uncle Scar. Disney animators have drawn over 2,000 frames of artwork to create an interactive experience like no other. Using an improved version of the state-of-the-art Digicel technique, Westwood Studios has packed even more Disney animation and stunning scenery into The Lion King. The experience is completed with stunning music based on the film's soundtrack, including "The Circle of Life," "Just Can't Wait to be King," and "Can You Feel the Love Tonight," all written by pop superstar Elton John and award-winning lyricist Tim Rice.Unprecedented creative collaboration, state-of-the-art technology, a story that re-lives the movie and a fantastic soundtrack makes The Lion King a game that will roar like no game ever before!


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