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Friday Coaching (By the Beryl Collective) Group

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Hey Everyone!

We're really looking forward to seeing you tonight!

Just a heads-up it's looking like we may have to change the timing of our events going forward as the circuit wants to close at 8pm.

So, from next week than plan will be to run from

6-7pm Youth riders coached sessions (8+ Age)

6-6.30pm Junior/Senior warm up

6.30pm-8pm Junior/Senior Coached Session

Tonight will be going ahead as Planned 7-9pm.

Apologies if this isn't ideal, it's kind of out of our hands - full disclosure - if we wanted to go ahead with 7-9pm we'd have to pay for the centre and staff to finish later - putting us at a loss, no matter how many participants.


Kate @thepersonalcyclist
Sally Corbin-Smith


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