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Download Extreme Car Driving Simulator Oyun and Experience the Thrill of Realistic Racing

Extreme Car Driving Simulator: A Review

If you are looking for a realistic and fun car simulator game, you might want to check out Extreme Car Driving Simulator. This game lets you drive, drift, and feel a racing sports car in an open world environment. You can perform illegal stunts, run full speed without the police chasing you, and explore a detailed city with traffic and interactive elements. In this article, we will review Extreme Car Driving Simulator and tell you everything you need to know about this game.

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What is Extreme Car Driving Simulator?

Extreme Car Driving Simulator is an open world car game in the racing games category. It was released in 2014 by AxesInMotion Racing, a Spanish indie game studio. The game has been downloaded over 500 million times on Google Play Store and has received positive reviews from players and critics alike. The game is available for Android, iOS, and Windows devices .

Features of the game

Extreme Car Driving Simulator has many features that make it stand out from other car simulator games. Some of these features are:

  • Mini game checkpoint mode: In this mode, you have to reach different checkpoints in the city within a time limit. You can earn cash and unlock new cars by completing this mode.

  • Drive with traffic: You can choose to drive with traffic or without traffic in the settings. Driving with traffic adds more realism and challenge to the game, as you have to avoid collisions and follow the traffic rules.

  • Full real HUD including revs, gear and speed: You can see the speedometer, tachometer, gear indicator, and other information on your screen. You can also switch between different units of measurement (km/h, mph, etc.).

  • ABS, TC and ESP simulation: You can also turn on or off the anti-lock braking system, traction control system, and electronic stability program in the settings. These systems help you control your car better in different situations.

  • Explore a detailed open world environment: The game has a large map that covers a city area with various locations, such as an airport, a beach, a bridge, a tunnel, and more. You can drive around freely and discover hidden secrets and collectibles.

  • Realistic car damage: Your car can get damaged if you crash into other vehicles or objects. You can see the damage on your car body and windows. You can also repair your car by pressing a button or visiting a garage.

  • Accurate physics: The game uses an advanced real physics engine that simulates the behavior of a real car. You can feel the acceleration, braking, steering, drifting, and suspension of your car.

  • Control your car with a steering wheel, accelerometer or arrows: You can choose your preferred control method in the settings. You can use a virtual steering wheel, tilt your device, or tap on arrows to control your car.

  • Several different cameras: You can switch between different camera angles while driving. You can use the first-person view, third-person view, top-down view, or rear view.

  • Gamepad support: You can also play the game with a compatible gamepad if you prefer.

How to play Extreme Car Driving Simulator

The game has two main modes: free roam mode and mission mode. You can access these modes from the main menu or by pressing the pause button while driving.

Free roam mode

In free roam mode, you can drive around the city without any objectives or restrictions. You can explore the map, perform stunts, crash into other cars, or just have fun. You can also earn cash by collecting coins, diamonds, and stars that are scattered around the city. You can use the cash to buy new cars or upgrade your existing ones. You can also customize your car's color, wheels, and license plate in the garage.

Mission mode

In mission mode, you have to complete various tasks and challenges that test your driving skills. There are 30 missions in total, each with a different objective and difficulty level. Some of the missions are:

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  • Drift: You have to drift as much as possible in a given time or distance.

  • Speed: You have to reach a certain speed or maintain it for a certain time.

  • Jump: You have to jump over ramps or obstacles.

  • Slalom: You have to zigzag between cones or poles.

  • Parking: You have to park your car in a designated spot.

  • Race: You have to race against other cars or against the clock.

You can earn stars by completing the missions. The more stars you earn, the more missions you unlock. You can also replay the missions to improve your score and ranking.

Tips and tricks to master the game

Extreme Car Driving Simulator is a fun and easy game to play, but it can also be challenging and addictive. Here are some tips and tricks to help you master the game and enjoy it more:

  • Use the nitro boost: Your car has a nitro boost that can give you a burst of speed. You can activate it by pressing the N button on the screen or on your gamepad. You can refill your nitro meter by performing stunts, drifting, or collecting nitro cans.

  • Use the handbrake: Your car also has a handbrake that can help you make sharp turns and drifts. You can use it by pressing the H button on the screen or on your gamepad. Be careful not to overuse it, as it can make you lose control of your car.

  • Use the mini map: You can see a mini map on the top left corner of your screen that shows you the layout of the city and your location. You can also see icons that indicate the locations of checkpoints, collectibles, garages, and missions. You can use the mini map to plan your route and find your way around the city.

  • Change the camera angle: You can switch between different camera angles by pressing the C button on the screen or on your gamepad. You can choose the camera angle that suits your preference and style. For example, you can use the first-person view for more immersion, or the third-person view for more visibility.

  • Change the settings: You can also adjust various settings in the game to customize your experience. For example, you can change the graphics quality, sound volume, language, units of measurement, traffic density, and control method. You can also enable or disable features such as ABS, TC, ESP, damage, and speed limiter.

Pros and cons of Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Extreme Car Driving Simulator is a great game for car enthusiasts and casual gamers alike. However, like any game, it has its pros and cons. Here are some of them:



- Realistic and fun gameplay

- Repetitive and boring missions

- Large and detailed open world environment

- Low-quality graphics and sound effects

- Variety of cars and customization options

- Lack of multiplayer mode and online features

- Easy and intuitive controls

- Frequent ads and pop-ups

- Free to download and play

- In-app purchases and premium currency

Alternatives to Extreme Car Driving Simulator

If you like Extreme Car Driving Simulator, you might also like some of these similar games:

  • Crazy for Speed 2: This is another racing game that lets you drive fast cars on different tracks around the world. You can compete with other players online or offline, customize your cars, and enjoy realistic graphics and physics.

  • Car Simulator 2: This is a 3D car simulator game that lets you drive various vehicles in a realistic city. You can interact with other players, join clubs, buy houses, and complete missions.

  • Driving School 2017: This is a driving simulator game that teaches you how to drive different types of vehicles. You can learn the road rules, take driving tests, and earn your license. You can also play with your friends in multiplayer mode.

  • Real Racing 3: This is a realistic racing game that features licensed cars, tracks, and events. You can race against real players from around the world, customize your cars, and join teams and tournaments.

Asphalt 9: Legends: This is an arcade racing game that lets you drive the most prestigious cars in the world.


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