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Best of 408 Empire Songs MP3: The Most Popular and Trending Music of 2020

408 Empire Songs MP3 Download 2020: A Guide to Zambian Music

If you are looking for some fresh and exciting music from Africa, you should definitely check out 408 Empire, one of the most popular and influential musical groups in Zambia. 408 Empire is a collective of talented rappers, singers, producers, and dancers who have been making waves in the Zambian music scene since 2016. Their music is a blend of various genres, such as hip hop, dancehall, afrobeat, kalindula, and rumba, with catchy hooks, witty lyrics, energetic beats, and unique dance moves. In this article, we will explore the history, evolution, impact, legacy, future, and prospects of 408 Empire's music, as well as provide some tips on how to download their songs in MP3 format in 2020.

408 empire songs mp3 download 2020


408 Empire is a musical group that originated from Kitwe, a city in the Copperbelt Province of Zambia. The name "408" refers to the area code of Kitwe, while "Empire" signifies their ambition to conquer the music industry. The group consists of four main members: Y Celeb (Raymond Shaba), Sub Sabala (Francis Bwalya), Spark Tizzo (Mwape Chisenga), and Fly Jay (Alex Mwewa). They are also supported by other artists, such as Jemax (Mwansa Kasama), Fraicy Beats (Francis Chanda), DJ Momo (Moses Chibwe), DJ Kasi (Kasimba Chilufya), DJ Virus (Victor Chanda), DJ Favour (Favour Chanda), DJ Lang Zee (Langson Zulu), DJ Kaela (Kaela Chanda), DJ K-Star (Kelvin Chanda), DJ Mzenga Man (Lloyd Mwale), DJ Jazzy Boy (Jasper Phiri), DJ Dro (Andrew Ng'andu), DJ Hector Gold (Hector Mulenga), DJ King Nachi Beats (Nathan Chibwe), DJ Stash (Stash Chanda), DJ Born Bugah (Bornwell Mwape), DJ Bugar (Bugar Mwape), DJ Mzengaman (Mzenga Man Mwale), DJ Jaffe (Jaffe Chanda), DJ Rhys (Rhys Chanda), DJ Twist (Twist Chanda), DJ K Bless (K Bless Chanda), DJ Bicko Bicko (Bicko Bicko Chanda), DJ Cassy Beats (Cassy Beats Chanda), DJ Kofi Mix (Kofi Mix Chanda), DJ Killa Beats (Killa Beats Chanda), DJ Draf X (Draf X Chanda), DJ Black DJ Black (Black Chanda), and DJ Momo (Momo Chanda).

408 Empire's music is a reflection of their life experiences, struggles, aspirations, and culture. They rap and sing about various topics, such as love, money, politics, social issues, street life, and fun. They use a mix of English, Bemba, Nyanja, and other local languages to express themselves and connect with their fans. They also create their own slang and catchphrases, such as "Fwedede", "Ndeya", "Tamutusakamana", "Chimwemwe Dance", "Wagwan", "Tuleya Tulekula", "St. Annie", "Mukati", "Kulechitafye Na Ndoshi", "Kuwayawaya Fye", "Nshakulanda", and "Nimpofu". Their music is influenced by various musical genres and artists, such as Zambian legends like PK Chishala, Paul Ngozi, Alick Nkhata, Nashil Pichen Kazembe, Ackim Simukonda, and Amayenge; African stars like Fela Kuti, Lucky Dube, Brenda Fassie, Oliver Mtukudzi, and Wizkid; and international icons like Tupac Shakur, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, and Eminem.

The History and Evolution of 408 Empire

408 Empire was formed in 2016 by Y Celeb and Ray Dee, who were childhood friends and neighbors in Kitwe's Chawama compound. They started making music together using a laptop and a microphone in their bedroom. They uploaded their songs on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube, where they gained popularity and recognition. They soon attracted the attention of other artists and producers, who joined them to form the 408 Empire collective. Some of the early members were Sub Sabala, Spark Tizzo, Jemax, Fraicy Beats, DJ Momo, DJ Kasi, DJ Virus, DJ Favour, DJ Lang Zee, DJ Kaela, DJ K-Star, DJ Mzenga Man, DJ Jazzy Boy, DJ Dro.

408 Empire's breakthrough came in 2017 when they released their hit song "Fwedede", which became a viral sensation and a national anthem in Zambia. The song featured a catchy chorus, a danceable beat, and a hilarious video that showcased their signature dance moves. The song also introduced their unique style of music, which they called "Kopala Sound" or "Copperbelt Sound", a fusion of hip hop, dancehall, afrobeat, kalindula, and rumba. The song earned them several awards and nominations, such as the Kwacha Music Awards for Best Newcomer and Best Copperbelt Artist.

Since then, 408 Empire has released several songs and albums that have cemented their status as one of the leading musical groups in Zambia. Some of their notable songs include "Ndeya", "Tamutusakamana", "Chimwemwe Dance", "Wagwan", "Tuleya Tulekula", "St. Annie", "Mukati", "Kulechitafye Na Ndoshi", "Kuwayawaya Fye", "Nshakulanda", and "Nimpofu". Some of their notable albums include "Voice of the Youth" (2017), "Kopala Anthem" (2018), "Empire Forever" (2019), and "408 Empire vs The World" (2020).

408 Empire has also undergone some changes and challenges over the years. In 2019, Ray Dee left the group to pursue a solo career after some disagreements with Y Celeb. He was replaced by Fly Jay, a young rapper who impressed Y Celeb with his skills and talent. However, However, Fly Jay also left the group in 2020 after some misunderstandings with Y Celeb and his management. He was replaced by Spark Tizzo, who had been working with the group as a producer and a backup singer. Despite these changes, 408 Empire has maintained their unity and loyalty as a group, and has continued to produce quality music for their fans.

The Impact and Legacy of 408 Empire

408 Empire has made a significant impact and legacy in the Zambian music industry and culture. They have been credited for revolutionizing and popularizing the Kopala Sound, which has become a dominant and distinctive musical genre in Zambia. They have also inspired and mentored many other artists and groups who have followed their footsteps, such as Dope Boys, Chanda Na Kay, Team Super, HD Empire, May C, Bow Chase, Chef 187, Macky 2, Slap Dee, Bobby East, Yo Maps, Daev, T-Sean, T-Low, Mampi, Shenky, Rich Bizzy, Drimz, B1, B Flow, Muzo AKA Alphonso, Pilato, and many more.

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408 Empire has also contributed to the development and promotion of the Zambian music industry and culture. They have collaborated and interacted with various artists and genres across Zambia and beyond, creating a diverse and vibrant musical scene. They have also represented and empowered their community and fans, especially the youth, by addressing relevant and relatable issues in their music. They have also used their music as a tool for social change and awareness, such as campaigning against gender-based violence, child abuse, drug abuse, corruption, poverty, and HIV/AIDS. They have also participated in various charitable and humanitarian causes, such as donating to the needy, supporting the disabled, sponsoring the education of the less privileged, and advocating for peace and unity.

408 Empire has also gained recognition and appreciation from international audiences and markets. They have performed and toured in various countries, such as South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Malawi, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Morocco, Egypt, and Dubai. They have also received recognition and appreciation from various international media outlets and platforms, such as BBC, CNN, MTV, Trace, Soundcity, Boomplay, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and Facebook. They have also collaborated and worked with various international artists and producers, such as Burna Boy, Davido, Diamond Platnumz, Harmonize, Nasty C, Runtown, Skales, Patoranking, Tekno, Mr Eazi, DJ Maphorisa, DJ Neptune, DJ Spinall, DJ Kaywise, and many more.

The Future and Prospects of 408 Empire

408 Empire is not resting on their laurels and achievements. They are constantly working on new projects and plans for 2020 and beyond. They have recently released their latest album "408 Empire vs The World", which features 20 tracks of their best songs and collaborations with various local and international artists. The album showcases their versatility and creativity as a musical group. They have also released several singles and videos from t


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